Mental Health

The Difference Between Pastoral Care and Christian Counseling

The Difference Between Pastoral Care and Christian Counseling Torchable | October 25, 2022 Most people aren’t surprised when they hear that the number of people struggling with mental health is increasing yearly in America. Today, 1 in 5 US adults experience mental illness. The Christian community is not immune to mental health struggles and we …

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When the Holidays are Anything but Merry and Bright

Nothing says “holiday season” like Christmas music on the radio, meeting up with close friends and family, and eating all of your favorite foods (healthy eating is for January, right?). On the other hand, nothing says “holiday season” like arguing with your family about politics, maxing out your credit card to buy everyone the perfect gift, and feeling stretched so thin you think you might snap.

How Narcissistic is the World Today?

Narcissism is a word that gets thrown around pretty casually these days. But there’s a difference between someone who is a little vain and someone who is actually a narcissist. For those who actually struggle with narcissism, their issues go much deeper than outward appearances. In fact, someone with NPD (narcissist personality disorder) is often quite good at hiding their condition from the outside world.

Confronting the Anxiety Within

Confronting the Anxiety Within Timothy Snyder | August 9, 2018 Everyone experiences anxiety on some level. It’s a natural human instinct, a defensive reaction that let’s us know something significant is happening, or more specifically, about to happen. It’s meant to serve a positive purpose, warning us to stay away from a harmful situation, reminding …

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