Torchable is a mobile App designed to cultivate connections. Offering churches new tools to connect with their surrounding communities, and individuals the ability to connect with other Christians, Churches, groups, and events in their area. 

We exist to help enhance communities and make a positive impact both locally and globally. Here’s how we’re doing that.

Who We Are

We are a team of creators, designers, developers, and strategists who are working behind the scenes to make this App possible. We are also a team of Christ followers, friends, brothers, sisters, moms, and dads who want to make a difference in our communities. Through Torchable we hope to help both believers and non believers alike find community to learn and grow. 

What We’ve Done

We have spent the last decade serving churches, non profits, and small businesses through custom web design, building web and mobile apps, executing digital strategies and more. All while we have been designing the Torchable app to meet the unique need amongst churches and christians for deeper relationships, greater community, easier communication, and more outreach.

Why We Do It

Torchable exists to advance the Kingdom of God through connection and community. Torchable means “to be set alight”. From a small group in your living room to thousands in an auditorium, we want to see The Church ignited in the name of Jesus!

Our Mission

To create tools that equip and unite the church body to connect with the communities they are called to serve.

Our Core Values


We will always be ethical and act according to our moral principles in any situation.

Mission Driven

We will always have the courage to move forward in our mission and stand convicted in our values regardless of opposition.


We will always have a service-minded attitude with our team, customers, vendors, partners, and communities.


We will always be motivated to grow in our professional skill sets, as well as our personal faith.


We will always steward our resources well as they do not belong to us alone.

Join the Torchable Community

Torchable is set for release in the summer of 2023. If you would like us to update you as we approach the release into the apple and android stores, please let us know who you are below.

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