Find your community within the church body

Whether you’ve been attending a church for many decades or have never set foot in one, connect with the right church, people, groups and events in your area.

It Starts With a Connection

The beginning of any great friendship

We grow stronger when we are in connection with others.

Get to know those who attend your church, the church across town, or who live in your local community by making connections on Torchable.

Be Part of a Group

Where friendships strengthen

Search for groups in your community based on your interests or needs. Find small groups, ministry groups, house churches, or interest groups all in your local area

Can’t find a group for you? Start your own group! Invite others to join, plan your meetings, and manage communication through Torchable.

Events Made for You

Engage in your community

We shouldn’t let the walls of our churches keep us from being united. Invite your connections to your own church events, or engage in church events throughout your community.

Use Torchable to see what events you can attend at any church in your area.

Find The Right Church

A place to call home

Whether you are looking for a new church or have never been to church before, finding the right church is a big deal. You want to find a church that feels like home.

Torchable will help you sort through all the options within your local community, or online to experience something new!

Stay Connected

No more FOMO

Our lives are busy, with many different things fighting for our attention daily. Stay rooted in your faith and connected to your community in every season.

Be informed on updates from local churches, organize your event calendar, and stay in touch with your groups to better prioritize what’s most important.