Whenever a new product or platform is launched, it’s natural for people to compare it to what they know. When Facebook arrived, it was compared to MySpace. When the iPhone hit the market, some thought it was just another touchscreen phone.

While comparison can initially help us understand something that’s foreign, there are important details that get lost in the translation.

When we first started telling people about Torrch, a common response we got was “oh, so it’s like a directory”.

We understand how, on the surface, Torrch might appear to be another directory similar to Psychology Today. But the truth is, it’s much more than that, from its core functionality to the additional services available.

So, to help paint the picture of what Torrch is, here are just a few things that make us different than anything out there currently.

A Better Filtering Process

Rather than sending Torrch users to a massive list of categories and sub-categories that they have to dig through, we took a simpler approach.

It starts with picking an overarching type of counseling that’s needed. Next, we grab a zip-code so we can find counselors in their area.

Within 15 seconds, a Torrch visitor can be viewing the profiles of counselors near them. Speaking of profiles, Torrch users can see vital information such as rates, reviews, areas of expertise, insurance info, and more.

Once they’ve found a counselor, a quick questionnaire is filled out to provide the counselor with some initial info they’ll need to know. From start to finish, Torrch guides the user through each step of the process so they never feel lost or overwhelmed.

Connecting People Directly with Counselors

When a Torrch user reaches out to a counselor through the platform, that request goes directly to the counselor (or in the case of an agency, their administrator). We don’t act has a middleman that plays telephone with your communication.

The request will appear in the counselor’s inbox, as well as on their Torrch dashboard. At that point, the counselor can decide whether or not they want to respond to it.

If they want to respond, a chat is opened up right within Torrch.

Online Messaging

Chat functionality has become an increasingly popular option available on all types of websites. Rather than having to wait for certain hours of operation or exiting to another room to make a phone call, a chat message can be sent at any time from any location, and the recipient can get to it when they’re able to.

Also, a lot of people just don’t like making phone calls these days.

With Torrch’s online messenger, initial introductions and the booking of the first appointment can all be handled in a private, secure area on the user dashboard.

It’s important to note that no counseling takes place within the messenger area, nor should payment information be exchanged through it. It’s simply there to establish an initial introduction, ask a few questions, and figure out a time to meet.

Dedicated to Christian Counseling

One of the most unique aspects of Torrch is that it’s designed specifically for Christian-based counselors, therapists, and psychologists.  Through the search process, a Torrch user can specify what role they want faith to play in their counseling sessions, if any at all.

We don’t require anyone to follow a specific theology, but it is understood that every counselor found on Torrch holds a Judeo-Christian worldview.

Mission Focused

While the immediate goal of Torrch is to help people connect with Christian counselors in the area, our larger mission is to impact the world as a whole. That’s why we donate half of our profits to helping children in need through World Vision, Children’s Hope Chest, One Child Matters, and other ministries.

We also actively partner with other missions-based organizations who are doing some great work out there.

The initial concept for Torrch was actually conceived while our founder, Steve, was on a mission trip in Ethiopia. From the very beginning, our hearts have been global.

Free to Join

For those searching for counsel, Torrch is completely free to use. For counselors, joining Torrch is free too! However, we also offer some great additional services to support your practice that start at just $9 a month.

Haven’t joined Torrch yet? It takes less than a minute to do. Click here to join today!

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