Top 5 Things People Look For in a New Church

Fall is a time of new beginnings. Summer is ending, school is starting, schedules are shifting, or maybe you’re starting college in a new city. This time of year many families and individuals leave the chaos of summer and ease into healthy new routines. It’s a bit of a reset.

This is often noticed in the church as attendance numbers start to rise. People are no longer traveling over the weekends or opting to sleep in but choosing to come to church each week ready for something new. 

We also see this as a time when many people are searching for a new church. Whether they have never before attended a church, relocated, or simply looking for something new, this can be a daunting task. 

There are so many churches to choose from. Really, this is a good problem. More churches mean there is a better chance of one being the perfect fit for you. But how do you know?

Need some guidance in looking for a new church? Let’s look at the top 5 things people look for in a new church home.

Welcoming Atmosphere

This is number 1 for a reason. When you walk into a church building you should feel welcome, and have a sense of comfort. Are you greeted at the door, are there people available to ask questions? During the service, are directions given when needed or are you just supposed to know what to do and when? This all matters in making a place feel like home and speaks to how much value a church places on newcomers.

Community Opportunity

After you process your initial thoughts one of the next things you should do is look into how you can join into the community of the church. Do they have small groups, bible studies, classes, and kids’ activities? Too many people make a decision about a church before really getting involved. Stating they didn’t feel a part of the group while making no effort to join.

It takes two to make a new church home. Yes, a church should be welcoming and provide opportunities for community but you will also have to make the effort to join in and embrace this new community. 

Engaging Worship

Worship styles will vary from church to church. You may have a preference for one type of worship over another. Since worship usually happens at the top of a church service, this plays into a lot of people’s first impressions of a church. Is the worship Holy Spirit led? Are the song lyrics available for those who don’t know them? Are the Lyrics biblical? We encourage you to give new styles of worship a chance before you discount a church. 

Biblical Teaching

Another thing that will vary greatly from church to church and pastor to pastor is the sermon. No matter the style, the teachings of the church, and the pastor, they should always be biblically based. If this isn’t happening it may be a red flag. They should always point back to Jesus and the Gospel truth. 

Outreach Opportunity

Most people believe the church should have some sort of outward focus and service. This is great and really is how the church should operate. A church should be sharing what they are doing beyond the four walls of its building. What are they giving, how are they serving the community and how can you get involved?

Looking For Churches in Your Area

It is likely that there are several churches within miles of your home for you to visit and choose from. This is why we have created the Torchable app. Everyone deserves to have a church home where they feel welcome, accepted, and can grow. The Torchable app will help you see what churches are in your area and ultimately help you choose your new church home!

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