The 3 Best Resources Your Church Can Use For Easter Outreach

Easter is one of the most significant holidays in the Christian faith. Whether you are a pastor, administrator, volunteer, or church attendee it’s no secret that a lot of time and effort goes into planning Easter services at churches across the world. 

Most churches put significant time into planning their Easter services with visitors in mind. It’s one thing to plan for visitors, it’s a whole other thing to invite visitors. In order for visitors to experience your Easter services, and ultimately the love of Christ, they must first be invited through your doors. 

In this post, we will review the top 3 resources your church can use to make the most of your Easter services by focusing on outreach. 

Why is Easter Outreach so Important?

When you look at your church visitors throughout the year it is estimated that 25% of your yearly visitors will come on Easter. This is reinforcing the idea that people who do not attend a church regularly are more open to the idea of church around Easter. In fact, it has been found that Google searches for “churches near me” spike significantly near both Christmas and Easter. 

This should be leading you to ask the question:

“What is my church doing to become accessible for those searching for an Easter service to attend?”

Your Easter service is a chance for anyone to learn about the resurrection of Christ, the Gospel message, and ultimately experience the Love of Christ. 

Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. ” (Matt. 28:18-20)

As Christians, we are called to go and make disciples of the World. One way we can do this is through Easter Outreach. Let’s look at 3 resources you can use to invite your community to your Easter services.

1. Your Congregation

Your congregation is listed first for a reason. It is the most useful and powerful resource you have to reach your community for Christ (at Easter time and year-round). Personal invites to an Easter service will go much further than any paper invite, social media post, or email could. 

Before you look into any other outreach or invite resources, consider how you are utilizing, inspiring, and encouraging your congregation in local outreach. When the responsibility for outreach falls on church staff alone, it will fall flat. God has tasked every believer for outreach, witnessing, and sharing their faith. Events, holidays, and seasonal celebrations offer an incredible opportunity for each believer to live out this call. 

The congregation has the primary responsibility for inviting and bringing unchurched friends to the event, interacting with them at the event, and following up with them afterward. This process needs to be continually taught and reinforced until it becomes part of the DNA of the church. 

2. Good old fashion mail & Print

While digital resources and social media are taking the world by storm, we must not overlook the power of print material and good old fashion mail. It is impossible to capture the email of every resident in a neighboring community but you can initiate a mailing campaign to send them print materials and invites to easter services. 

45% of consumers say receiving direct mail from a brand feels more important than receiving an email from a brand

When someone receives a piece of mail from your church for the few brief seconds it takes them to read it, you have their undivided attention. Even better, if you catch their attention they may even leave it on their counter or put it on their fridge receiving a daily reminder of your easter service invite. In a small way mail and print, resources allow you into the homes of those you are reaching in a unique way. 

Print materials can be coupled with the power of your congregation. A personal invite along with a printed invite from a neighbor or co-worker is impactful. 

3. Technology and social media

We can’t ignore the power and reach of technology and social media. Managing your own social media accounts is completely free advertising. You can lean on the power of your congregation to share easter invite posts and reach a larger audience. 

Email is another great resource in reminding those you have contact information for about your upcoming easter services. 

Email, of course, is limited to those who have given you their information, meaning they are already connected to your church in some way. Looking for more digital outreach? This is where the Torchable app will come in.

The Torchable App is Coming!

The Torchable app will be available soon! Torchable is designed to be a resource to equip both churches and church attendees to reach and connect with their local communities at Easter time and year-round. Want to learn more about Torchable? Let us know!

Outreach Starts Today!

If your church isn’t capitalizing on the Easter season for outreach you could be missing the mark. While of course, you want to create enjoyable Easter services for your congregation, but as Christians, we are called to do more. Called to share the love of Christ, be His hands and feet, and spread the Gospel message across the globe. 

Ultimately it should be emphasized that the church must teach its people that they are responsible to invite in person, with paper business cards and invitations and digitally. For it to have a lasting impact, outreach for Easter is not something the church purchases, it is an activity that involves the whole church.

It starts in your own neighborhoods and communities. How can your church utilize the resources above to be sure you are accessible to those searching for a church community on Easter?

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