Content Updates Across Your Platforms Done For You

* Average task completion time for prioritized support is about one business day. Average task completion time for standard support is about two business days.


Setup Fee

This one time fee will be added so that our team can provide an onboarding service.

Frequently Asked Questions

In simplest terms, content updating is making changes to what is already there. These are typically smaller tasks to keep things up-to-date and take your time away from what is important.

If we think we are able to complete a ticket in 30 minutes, but it turns out to take longer, we will complete the task and document the time in our system. If that type of task repeatedly takes longer than 30 minutes to complete, then we will contact you and let you know that we can no longer support those types of requests.

We complete content updating tasks that take 30 minutes or less. There are a large number of tasks that fit this criteria, including things like blog posts, staff bios, event listings, images, text, buttons, and posting videos. Depending on the system setup, this could also include things like forms or editing product images, descriptions, and listed prices. If you have any specific tasks in mind, feel free to reach out and ask!

A good rule of thumb is that if we are not updating something that is already on the website, then it is likely not included. This would go for adding new products, new plugins/APIs, or creating new reports. Another thing to keep in mind is the 30 minute time limit. Longer, more complicated tasks like conditional logic, running system updates, coding solutions, inventory management, or product shipping/taxes would not be included. If you have any specific tasks in mind, feel free to reach out and ask!

During the onboarding process, we will review your website to make sure that we have staff that can make the required updates. If your website has multiple systems running in it, we will review those at this step as well. Our pricing may change depending on what systems are being used and how those systems are being used to compensate for the extra time or staff needed.

Need More?

If you need pricing for multiple locations, multiple websites, white-labeling or something else please let us know!