3 Bible-Based New Years Resolutions

Well, it’s that time of year again. Everyone around you is likely making new years resolutions, posting “new year new me” selfies, and otherwise reveling in the hope that comes with a new year. 

This time of the year can be a bit conflicting as a Christian. Of course, you want to be bettering yourself. But you know the hope and motivation for that don’t come from the start of a new year but rather from God and the truth of His word and the gospel. 

With that said, Christians can certainly take the fresh page of a new year as an opportunity to reflect, make new goals, and decide on some resolutions. We can even look to the Bible for ways to do this that honor God at the same time. 

What Exactly is a resolution?

It’s a known fact that most new years resolutions fizzle out long before they can ever be accomplished. A resolution is defined as a “firm decision to do (or not do) something.” so much for that firm decision.

In order to have success with a resolution we must believe it is important. You will be even more successful if it is a conviction from the Lord. Resolutions need intention, determination, aspiration, and an act of Will. For this reason, we recommend connecting with God before making your resolutions. Ask Him what areas you could improve on, what changes you need to make, or how you can bring him glory in the upcoming year. 

The Bible doesn’t say anything specifically about new years resolutions but the themes of reflection, repentance, and taking action are prevalent. 

Caution With New Years Resolutions

Making new years resolutions in partnership with God can be powerful and impactful in our lives, however, as Christians we must take caution and keep our resolutions surrendered to the Lord. 

In Proverbs 16:9 we are reminded to not hold onto our own plans too tightly. We must rely on God to empower us to make changes according to his will and his timeline. 

3 Bible-based New Years Resolutions

As we stated before, the best new years resolution you can make is one prompted by God. But we also want to provide you with a few ideas to inspire you on positive bible based goals you can make for this year and beyond!

Connect to a Faith Community

It has been found that reading your bible, daily prayer, and time with God on your own is imperative to your faith. But when your walk with God is done only in isolation, you miss out on many benefits that come with experiencing God alongside others within the biblical community.

Countless studies have been done through Covid years finding that those who stopped attending church whether in person or online are more likely to experience struggles in mental health.

The Bible tells us not to forsake the gathering, for good reason. Check out our blog post for more on the benefits of engaging in the biblical community.


We know this is counterintuitive to everything society tells us, especially this time of year. We are all about being busy and productive in this day and age, but the bible actually instructs us otherwise. 

Psalm 46:10 reminds us it is when we are at rest, rather than busy running around, that we understand who God is. 

Take time in solitude to seek God, take time in your word, and take time to grow deeper relationships over a cozy cup of coffee. We find God in everyday moments when we slow down and rest. Even God rested in Genesis so who are we to think we don’t need to follow suit? 

Be The Light

We are called to go and make disciples of all the world. Now more than ever our society, including your neighbors, grocery store worker, or barista need to know the Love of Jesus. As Christians, we can carry the hope and love of the gospel wherever we go. This year, seek opportunities to be the hands and feet of God. Be the light in your community, and be open to any opportunity to show the love of Christ.

There is no doubt 2023 will bring joy and sorrow, predictability and surprises, hope and worry. If we Keep God at the center of it all we know this is true “ The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

We hope walking into 2023 knowing the Lord is by your side has your feeling encouraged and ready to take on the year with JOY!

Happy New Year!

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